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9 Laundry Room Storage Hacks You Didn't Know You Needed for Your Home

by Ann Ferguson

Getting the laundry done is always a chore, but with a messy, unorganized laundry room, that chore almost doubles. You might think you don't have the space to keep as organized as you like — but you'd be wrong!

There are plenty of laundry room storage hacks that'll revamp your space and keep things in tip-top shape! And we've listed a few that you can do!

1. Counters

Laundry room with counter over appliances

One laundry room hack you probably haven't thought of is installing a counter over your front-load machines. Adding a shelf is extremely helpful if you have side-by-side, front-loading machines because it's easier to keep organized. And the counter serves as a handy laundry organizing/folding shelf.

Plus, sprucing up the place with some décor touches is even easier!

2. Pull-Down Drying Racks

You can never have too many drying racks! But if your laundry room is on the smaller side, finding a place for them might be difficult. That's why pull-down drying racks are so handy — they save space when they're not in use but still help you with your laundry chores. And you can install ones that fit the design of your home for a cohesive look!

Pull-down drying racks are ideal for compact spaces with a stacked laundry unit or a stacked washer and dryer!

3. Limit Clutter

Laundry room with essentials organized in baskets

Let's face it — clutter sucks. And having more clutter in your laundry room is something none of us need, which is why you should stay on top of it with serving trays or baskets! You can put your jars of detergent, bottles of stain remover, fabric fresheners, and anything else in the tray, then place it wherever is most convenient for you.

This way, you'll get more organization and a streamlined look that'll ease some of your laundry-day stress!

4. Use the Gap

If you have limited space, you might think that your storage options are limited, too — but there's more space than you think! If you have side-by-side machines, most likely, there's a gap between them, and there is your secret storage weapon. You can get a slim rolling cart to slide between them and fill it with your laundry essentials!

No muss, no fuss, and everything stay in one spot like it's supposed to!

Pro Tip: If you have more vertical space, add laundry pedestals to your machines to raise them to a more comfortable height and give you extra storage space for larger detergent bottles!

5. Tucked Away

Laundry appliances tucked away in special closet

Don't want your laundry machines and essentials to be the first thing visitors see? Hide them in some large cabinets! You can even custom-make your cabinets for a better fit and add shelves or drawers to make organization easier. And since it's easier to hide one machine than two, try upgrading to a compact washer dryer combo!

With everything tucked away, you'll have a sleek look, a natural noise blocker, and an easily organized space!

6. Work with the Perimeter

Do you have a larger laundry room, like, say, in a garage? If so, it's time to use that extra space to your advantage! Add a built-in counter or long shelf along the walls, and you'll have plenty of room to sort & fold clothes, pre-treat stains, place laundry baskets, and more!

You can even add bar stools or chairs if you have space under the counter for a comfy resting spot! That way, you can work on other projects, take a breather, or hide away from your family for a minute (who doesn't need it from time to time?).

7. Floating Shelves

This might seem like a no-brainer, but shelves are the best way to organize your laundry room. But you can take floating shelves a step further by making them wall-to-wall shelves for even more storage! In smaller laundry spaces, these wall-to-wall shelves create the illusion of a larger area. And in a larger space gives you more room for laundry bins, baskets, towels, and other laundry essentials.

Pro Tip: If you have a top-load washer, leave enough room to open the lid — always measure carefully!

8. Built-Ins

Laundry room with built-in organization

If your laundry space is a catch-all for your family's bags, shoes, umbrellas, and coats, knock out some space for it with some built-ins! Add shelves on a wall with some hooks for bags and coats, build a seating spot to take off shoes more comfortably, and put up shelves up top and the bottom; you'll keep clutter to a minimum!

So, if your laundry room also doubles as a mud room, don't let the clutter get in your way — stay on top of it with these built-ins!

9. Additional Hacks

Laundry room with pet nook

Of course, there are plenty more laundry organization solutions to explore. So, we've listed a few that will make a big difference to your daily chores!

  • Use dry-erase markers to leave notes on what's washing (like to hang dry certain items etc.). Find a magnetic caddy to keep your markers within easy reach!
  • Install a bar over your laundry machines or sink to hang up items to dry.
  • Add zip ties to your larger cleaning essentials, such as brooms or mops, and hang them on hooks.
  • Hang up a sign with all the laundry signs decoded, so you never mess up your clothes!
  • Create a pet hangout with a cozy nook in an empty cabinet!
  • If you don't have a separate laundry space, create a visual boundary with a divider or curtain!

Laundry Room Inspo

There you have it — the key storage hacks that'll make laundry less stressful! But before you get started on your laundry room makeover, it's best to begin with upgrading your laundry appliances at Acceptance Appliance Centers. That way, revamping your laundry room will look and feel like a completely different space, and your clothes will come out great!

Have any questions? Don't hesitate to ask our experts! Our team is happy to help with your laundry needs!